Which Jewelry Is Best: (The Most Precious Stones in the World )

Although we cannot make a general comparison between jewels, there are specific factors that affect the value of a jewelry. “The best jewelry” is a subjective concept, where the value of a jewel can be assessed and determined based on its size, type, cut, and certain other properties. Let’s explore the best jewels in the world together.

An Overview of the Most Precious Gemstones

Diamonds, emeralds, rubies! What makes a gemstone precious? Among the important features of precious stones, there are their crystal structures, light transmittance, and light reflection properties. Therefore, when looking at some precious stones under light, different color games can be seen. Stones whose hardness is greater than 7 are considered to be precious stones. Diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and topaz are among the precious stones used in jewelry.


Like Marilyn Monroe said, “Diamonds are women’s best friend.” It seems that is why almost every woman has a weakness for diamonds. Diamond is the most precious gemstone made of pure carbon. This precious stone, which has 10 hardness level on the Mohs scale, is the hardest material on earth. This means that no other substance can create scratches on it, but it can scratch all other substances. The reason that the diamond stands so bright and eye-catching is the number of light breaking floors it has. As the amount of light reflected by the diamond is greater than the amount of light entering it, the stone looks quite bright. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that diamonds bring the rainbow down. When you look at a diamond, you can witness the fact that white light is divided into rainbow colors. One of the biggest diamonds you can see is the 86-carat spoon maker’s diamond found in the Topkapı Palace Museum. When it’s time, I recommend you to go see that flashy diamond.

Diamond is a stone obtained by cutting and polishing. The value of the diamond is determined according to the characteristics of 4C, Cut, Carat, Clarity and Color. At first glance, these stones, which look like colorless or white, actually have different colors. There are very few D class diamonds (white, clean and most valuable ones). Towards the Z class, the white color is replaced by yellow and pink, and the value of the diamond is also reduced. But it is often not possible to see this distinction with the naked eye.


The emerald, which has the title of queen of stones, can be found in different shades of green. The emerald with darker shades of green is considered the most valuable. It has a very sensitive structure compared to other precious stones. For this reason, jewelry designers are very careful when processing emeralds.

Emeralds contain traces, veins, and lines in it. This cloudy view allows you to distinguish the real stones from imitation ones. Emerald is among the precious gemstones for flashy bridal jewelry. You could use a necklace made of this special stone for your wedding.


Ruby has been considered as the magical stone of love and beauty in history. Rubies are among the most precious stones in the world. This natural gemstone is the hardest substance after the diamond.

Thanks to its structure and color, it is used for more flashy necklaces and big stone rings. If you are a bride who loves splendor, you can be sure a ruby ring will suit you.

Sapphire Stone

The lord of the blues is a stone in shades of blue, as is evident from the name of the sapphire. Light blue is called female sapphire, and dark colored ones are called male sapphires. There are also different types of sapphires in nature. As an example, we can give a star-like sapphire that reflects the light like a star, and the alexandrite sapphire which is seen in blue tones under sunlight but in red tones under artificial light.

These eye-catching blue gemstones fit well with jewels and solitaire rings to complement the evening dresses. If the classic solitaire does not appeal to you, you can try a sapphire solitaire ring.


Topaz stone, known as the symbol of beauty and splendor since ancient times can be found in different colors such as yellow, blue, white, and transparent.

Topaz is a hard, glassy, transparent, and translucent gemstone. If you are a vintage-loving bride, you will be delighted with the golden and yellow topaz.

What are Semi-Precious Stones?

Stones other than diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and topaz are considered semi-precious. However, some semi-precious stones such as black opals compete with precious gemstones. Purple amethyst, yellow citrine, tourmaline, moonstone, pink quartz, and peridot are mostly used in jewelry designs. Semi-precious gemstones used in jewels are usually used to add detail and movement to the jewelry. If you want to use glittering earrings at your wedding, you can try a shimmering model with diamonds and purple amethysts.

The World’s 10 Most Valuable Gemstones Used in Jewelry Making

Throughout history, people have always cared about elegant and precious stones. The first bracelets and necklaces are made of shell, rock and even bone fragments from the hunting expeditions. Nobody knows when precious stones were discovered. The first civilizations put these precious stones in amulets and thought that they would provide power from them. Some people believe that precious stones have meaning and power.

Diamond formation from crystals can take time for millions of years. Since they are very expensive, only a very small part of the precious stones has been found, has been extracted from the mines, processed and sold. These value of these stones are calculated based on their cut, size, and brightness.

Precious stones are divided into two groups as diamonds and colored gemstones. All stones such as ruby, pearl, emerald, and sapphire are in the colored gemstone category. These stones are known in our culture as valuable stones that everyone wants to have. Although they are envied, the rarest and most expensive stones of the market are not stones in this category.

Diamonds can be found in different parts of the world. However, some rare stones are found in only one region. Diamonds can look more radiant and more spectacular than all stones. But for the rich, these stones are a little more exotic. Each one of them is a hidden treasure that cannot be counted, waiting to be found.

Here are the most valuable stones in the world:

  • 10 – Tanzanite

1 carat: 600 – 1,000 Dollars

Tanzanite is found in the region of Tanzania. It is a blue stone in purplish tones. Tanzanite stones were hidden in a rock bed until 1967. The Masai shepherds saw these stones shining in the sun and collected them.

The most appropriate technical term for the stone is blue zoisite. This word has been changed because it looks like an English word which means suicide. Thus it received the name of a more popular word, Tanzanite. The first Tanzanite was sold in New York’s Tiffany two years after its discovery. This gemstone became a favorite in a short time. This stone has soft features and is easier to scratch than any other stone. Therefore, it should not be worn frequently to avoid damage.

  • 9 – Taaffeite

1 Carat: 1,500 – 2,500 Dollars

Taaffeite is one of the rare gemstones. It is very rare in nature and generally mixed with ruby. There are two places where this stone is extracted: Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Because of some geological similarities in the mineral deposits, miners think that they can be found in Madagascar as well.

Taaffeite takes its name from Gemolog Count Taaffe, who discovered it in 1945. Previously it was known as ruby. However, it had different characteristics than it and as a result of the research, it was understood that this stone was previously unknown. The second stone was found four years ago and the third stone was found by other people in Sri Lanka. Taaffeite is usually colorless, or sometimes in red, purple, and blue colors and looks bright.

  • 8 – Black Opal

1 Carat: 2.355 Dollars

Opal is a fascinating stone with different types. The average value of opal stones, which are common in the world, is not considered more valuable than the rare ones. But precious opal stones can compete with much more expensive stones such as rubies and diamonds. A single precious opal stone contains all the colors in the spectrum and takes on different colors as it is rotated under the light. It can shine even better than the most precious diamond. The most expensive black opal stones are usually found in Australia. The base colors, which are black and dark green, of these stones come to the fore. These are very delicate stones that are best used on the brooches or earrings to avoid any scratches and abrasions.

  • 7 – Benitoite

1 Carat: 3,000 – 4000 Dollars

Benitoite was first discovered in California in 1907 near the San Benito River. Benitoite can be blue or purple. It shines lime blue in UV rays. Many of this precious stone is found in Arkansas and Japan but are being traded in San Benito. Benitoite is also the official gemstone of the California region. Although it is a rare gem that cannot be found in larger sizes than a carat, it can be transformed into jewelry. A benitoite sized over 2 carats can be sold for 10 thousand dollars.

  • 6 – Red Emerald

1 Carat: 10,000 Dollars

This rare stone has different names. These are Bixbite, red emerald or red Beryl. Red beryl is a rare gemstone that can be found in every 150 diamonds. It was first found in Utah in 1904. Today it is only in three regions on earth. These regions are the WahWah Mountain Range in the Thomas district, Utah and the Black region in New Mexico. It is known that the red emerald is worth a thousand times higher than the gold.

  • 5 – Alexandrite

1 Carat: 12,000 Dollars

Alexandrite, which appears green under sunlight, is a light-colored, rare gemstone that is seen red under the lamplight. This is usually due to color change during the day; at night it is referred to as ruby. Today, this stone is extracted from Sri Lanka, Brazil, and East Africa. It was first discovered in 1830 in the Russian Ural Mountains. This stone, along with the moonstone and pearl is thought to belong to the Gemini. This stone is thought to be a mineral stone due to its source in the Ural Mountains.

  • 4 – Jadeite

1 Carat: 20,000 Dollars

Jadeite, commonly known as Jade, is known as a semi-precious gemstone. But it is more valuable and rare than you think. In 1997, a Jadeite stone was sold as a necklace in the Christie auction house. Each carat of this magnificent, quality stones is over twenty thousand dollars. Unfortunately, some jewelers do not see colorful stones as really valuable ones. The source in Myanmar is almost run out, but prices continue to rise. Jadeite mining may end in 10 to 20 years.

  • 3 – Musgravite

1 Carat: 35,000 Dollars

From the same family as Taaffeite, 8 specimens of this magnificent and rare gemstone were found until 2005. First one was found in 1967 in South Australia’s Musgrave Range. It has been recently seen in Greenland, Antarctica, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Tanzania. In spite of the recent findings, the magnificent Musgravite was described as Taaffeite earlier. After some tests and investigations, it was determined that Taaffeite had a different kind of stone from the same family.

  • 2 – Painite

1 Carat: 50.000 – 60.000 Dollars

Painite was first discovered in Burma in 1950 and after only a long time there were only two other examples found. After 2002, more were found in Myanmar and Burma. However, only a few of the thousands of stones found were valuable.

They are available in orange or brown-red colors. This priceless gem stone is hard to find even in the market today. Painite got its name from the British Gemologist Arthur Pain, who discovered it. By 2002, it was considered the rarest jewel of the earth.

  • 1 – Pink Star Diamond

1 Carat: 1.4 Million Dollars

The Pink Star Diamond is the only diamond that is perfect, vibrant and pink. It was found in a South African diamond mine in 1999. This piece, weighing 59.6 carats, of a cost of $ 1.4 million, was sold for $ 83 million at the Sotheby’s November Auction. Until now, it is more expensive than any diamond or jewel sold by auction. Colored diamonds are much more valuable than their counterparts. 1 pink star is worth 12 times more than a pink diamond under 5 carats.

The World’s Most Expensive 5 Precious Stones

Since ancient times, precious stones have influenced all humanity, especially women. But the five stones that I have compiled are separated from the others. With their unbreakable and shiny features, precious stones become the symbol of eternal love, anniversaries, weddings, and other celebrations. History transformed the ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz and other precious or semi-precious stones into precious beings that dazzle every woman. The British actress Elizabeth Taylor, born in 1932, once said, “Big girls need big diamonds.” as she falls in the glimmering look of the precious stones.

On International Women’s Day, the RT (Russian state-sponsored television network) decided to explore the stones that are the rarest and most extraordinary. The precious stones which I’ve listed below are jewels that even most of the rich cannot buy.

  • Letseng Diamond (50-100 million dollars)

It is a piece of pure and so noble-looking jewelry which was uncovered in the kingdom of Lesotho which is a small African kingdom. This diamond with 910 carats is the fifth largest gemstone ever known. Letseng mine is a mine known for the size and quality of the diamonds it produces. And this causes that these diamonds have the highest average selling price in the world. This extraordinarily large diamond is the biggest diamond ever made, which shows us the unique quality of the Letseng mine.

  • The Emerald of Bahia (250-925 million dollars)

This gem, which becomes dazzling when processed, is ranked 4th in terms of its size. However, it is one of the biggest emeralds. The Bahia Emerald which was found in Brazil is 1.7 million carats. Although the exact value of the stone is not known, it is thought to be worth about 400 million dollars. The Bahia Emerald was reportedly stolen from a safe in South El Monte in California in September 2008. Later the stone was found and is currently hiding in a safe vault at LA Sheriff’s office.

  • Chaiyo Ruby ($ 448 million)

This precious stone, which enchants people who see it with its colors, is the 3rd largest gemstone in the world. Chaiyo Ruby, which has a roughly the same weight as an 8-year-old child, weighs 109,000 carats. If you wonder about the price of this heavy jewel, it is worth $ 448 million. Myanmar and Thailand don’t share the location of this precious stone as it is thought to be unknown. The gemstone, which had disappeared since the early 2000s, may have been stolen by the Myanmar army, according to rumors.

  • The Guinness Emerald ($ 500 million)

This dazzling emerald is 1759 karats and has been extracted from the Coscuez mine in Columbia. The stone, which resembles kryptonite and large enough to achieve the Guinness Book of Records, is worth $ 500 million. This precious stone is currently being exhibited in Banco Nazionale de la Republica, Colombia.

  • Blue Star Sapphire (100-300 million dollars)

This jewel, discovered two years ago in Sri Lanka, is now the largest sapphire in the world. This precious stone also called the star of Adam, weighs 1.404 carats. It is named after the bright six-pointed star image when the light is reflected on its surface. The value of the stone is said to be between $ 100 million and $ 300 million.

4 Precious Stones You Probably Didn’t Hear About

  • Amazonite

It was named after the Amazon River. This name is given because its view resembles the river. It is among the semi-precious and healing stones. It can be found in nature as transparent and translucent. Its hardness is 6 degrees on Mohs Scale. The light blue color may fade with excessive contact. It can be damaged in hot environments. It is the lucky stone of Aquarius and Virgo. The benefits of it are believed to strengthen the body, reduce the negative energy and give a grip power. Madagascar, USA, India, Russia, and Brazil are the main countries where it is extracted.

  • Tourmaline

Also known as the rainbow stone. Its hardness is between 7 – 7,5 and its crystals are prismatic. Prism surfaces are longitudinally scratched. Parallel or radial crystal groups are common in the structure of tourmaline. It is usually black and bluish black. It can be colorless, pink, blue, green and transparent close to opacity. It is glassy. Its crystal form, scratches, colors, and stiffness are the significant features. It is a semi-precious stone. It is believed that it strengthens the intuition and destroys evil eyes. It is extracted in Afghanistan, Italy, Russia, Madagascar, and Turkey.

  • Chrysotile

It is an Olivine type which has a transparent and light green color. Also known as peridot. It has only one green color tone. It contains a distinctive yellow-green color in its transparent green color. It has a glossy sheen and a greasy look. Its hardness is between 6.5 – 7. It has been used for about 4000 years. It is rumored that chrysotile is the favorite stone of Cleopatra. Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Australia, Kenya, Brazil, Mexico, and Sri Lanka are countries rich in chrysotile. In the Red Sea, it has been extracted from John Island for nearly 3,000 years. There are beliefs that it prevents irritability, melancholia, and delusions, and has positive effects against feelings of guilt. It is the stone of August and is the lucky stone of Leo and Libra.

  • Aquamarine

This rare stone known as water blue has a hardness of 7.5 – 8. Its crystal structure is prism-shaped, blue-colored, emerald-cut. It may be in light blue and dark blue colors. May be affected by sunlight, artificial light, and heat. It is a silicate type of beryl mineral. It is among the healing stones. Along with its protective and sedative properties, it is also stated that it is good for allergic diseases. It can also be used against tension and stress. It is the stone of March and the lucky stone of Scorpio. Aquamarine is a gemstone found in countries such as Sri Lanka, Burma, India, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Nigeria, Pakistan, USA, Rhodes, Tanzania, Brazil, and Australia.

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